Death to _blank

Death to _blank is a simple Chrome extension I wrote that prevents links from opening in a new window. It doesn't do anything fancy like prevent javascript or flash popups. But it gets rid of most of the annoying links. Use it! Rate it! Give me feedback!



The trombottle is a unique new musical instrument that my friends and I invented. I don't have schematics, but the construction is very simple. Take a standard beer bottle and cut off the bottom (a combination of glass cutter, lighter, and cold running water work well for this). Then simply place the beer bottle (with its bottom cut off) in a slightly wider glass full of water. Done! To play, blow over the lip of the bottle, as with a flute. By moving the bottle up in down in the larger glass you can change the effective water level in the bottle and thereby modulate the pitch. A normal beer bottle has about an octave of range.

Here's a video of me (in the middle) and friends performing Bottle Waltz, composed by my good friend Keith Kirchoff. This is, to my knowledge, the only extant video of a trombottle performance. Apologies for the quality (of both the video and the performance) -- we lacked professional recording equipment during our practice session.